We take a lot of pride in the way we plan and structure the learning that happens for our little students. As the director of our preschool program in Chicago IL, I know that I can garner a lot of good ideas from the others on our staff, so I listen to them when they talk. Each of us is part of the preschool program in Chicago IL because we love children, and we love education.

It was one of our newer teachers that suggested outdoor learning. We have always had wonderful educational toys that teach the children while they are playing with them and, of course, we have instruction in the classroom every day. However, we had never taken the classroom outside until it was recommended. Now we have learning activities outside often, and we sometimes even bring the tables and chairs outside. Recently, when we were going over the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, we challenged the children to find something outside that began with that letter. When we got to some of the harder ones, we had to help the children out a little bit. They’re pretty clever, though, so I wasn’t surprised that, when we got to the letter “Q” one of the children said, “We’re being nice and QUIET while we work outside.”

They’re smart little ones and we’re helping them to be ready for kindergarten in just a few months.