Summer vacation is an opportunity for children to do what they most desire. When it comes to my daughter, she loves music. During the school year she is in band. However, we have always taught her that school comes first. This is why during the summer we give her the chance to attend some music summer programs. Music summer programs can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month or even the entire summer. She likes the ones that last about a month. By choosing these, she is able to take two different ones. Since she likes to play both classical and modern music, it is perfect for her. The music programs let her focus on her passion while she gains more confidence and skills in her instrument. Last year, she even won an award at the end of the program’s talent competition. I know she loves to play, and I am glad that I can help her realize her passion. She loves these programs so much, she gets straight A’s throughout the entire year to make sure she can go during the summer. It is productive and enriching for her and her future. Who knows where this will lead her in the future.