Because I speak fluent Spanish, I thought I would be able to get along in Italy, but i learned differently. It’s true that many of the words are similar, and that Italian and Spanish are both romance language, but when I tried to carry on a conversation with a native Italian, I learned that I would be lost this summer when I arrive in Rome. In fact, speaking Spanish made learning a bit trickier because I kept trying to give things a Spanish accent. In Spanish, love is “amor.” In Italian, it’s “amore” and you say it with a lot more feeling! I’ve been going to the language school in Montreal and I’m learning how to speak one of the most beautiful languages in the world. I’m also learning a bit about the culture of Italy and my instructor has told me that I have to speak with a certain type of expression. I can do that!

My instructor at the language school in Montreal is actually from a little town near Rome. She has been very patient with everybody in our class. She just thinks it’s wonderful that we are learning her language. The best thing about our class is that we have mock conversations. I’m getting pretty good and I know that I’ll be ready for my trip this summer!