If you are a teacher, you are very familiar with observation days by your principal. Sometimes the best experiences are when they walk in and catch you having a fabulous day. Sometimes, the planned evaluations make you nervous enough to over compensate and not be your best self. When principals are using classroom walkthrough software, you can be sure you get a fair, rational and logic based evaluation. It becomes a checklist for best teaching skills. The principal typically will have this on an ipad and then you are able to see what they have noted. Your training and development days will have more of an emphasis on things you will benefit from, rather than routine or out of date rituals.

Using classroom walkthrough software takes the emotions out of evaluations because the basis is all factual and concrete. When you see that you respond well to problem kids or that you present your assignment in an easy to follow manner, the evaluation is helpful for you. When you see something that you might have missed like someone falling apart with frustration or someone messing around because they finished way too early, you know what to watch for the very next day.