A respirator helps those with asthma and other breathing problems breathe better, either at night or all day, every day. Respirator masks are made in various sizes and styles to suit the comfort levels of each patient, but patients still need to see a medical supplier to pick out and test their respirators. Between that moment where the manufactured respirators mask comes off the assembly line, and the moment that a patient takes the equipment home, respirator fit testing in Ontario is performed to insure that the masks fit properly and the respirator equipment is functioning adequately.

The adjustable straps are the most important parts that need respirator fit testing by Ontario quality control experts. No human head is exactly the same size or shape, and the stretchy Velcro straps help the respirator mask to obtain a more personal fit. If there are faults in the construction of the straps or the elastic in them doesn’t or can’t stretch, the respirator mask is scrapped and the respirator is fit with a mask that has cleared quality control experts. Other faults found during a respirator fit testing have a lot to do with the plastic and silicone parts of the masks.