One of the most important factors in studying ballet is finding the right ballet studio in San Diego. The wrong ballet school can turn a student off to ballet, while a positive experience can create a life long love of dance. Parents looking for a San Diego ballet studio for their child may initially consider the distance to the studio, cost and the dance instructor’s philosophy. For students who are considering a future as a dancer, training at the right studio is much more important.

Students who are looking for a foundation that will prepare them for professional training should also consider the instructor’s experience. A studio owner who has experience dancing with a ballet company can be a plus. However, the owner’s connections with other dance companies can also benefit his or her students. A San Diego ballet studio that can provide young dancers with the opportunity for master classes and summer intensives with well-known dance companies can be very beneficial for a young dancer’s training.

Another consideration is how many of the studio’s students have gone on to professional dance careers. A studio with a long track record of graduates with careers in dance shows that they received quality training and were well prepared. These studios teach the proper technique and instill the discipline needed for a future in ballet.