When I was a kid, my parents decided that it would be really incredible to make me take piano lessons in NYC. I never liked it, and in fact I actually hated it most of the time. I really resented my parents for making me do it, but as an adult I found that it was actually a really useful skill. I was able to participate in several different bands all during high school and college, and I really loved all of them. I decided that because of all of the great things that I had been able to do because of piano lessons in NYC, it would probably be smart to enroll my own children in piano lessons.

I talked to my kids, and although they were enthusiastic about the idea, I could tell that they wouldn’t last long. We went through together and took them to a few different lessons, and I could see their interest start to wane. I was able, however, to find an amazing teacher that my kids really liked, and it was really fun to take them. They started to really enjoy learning the lessons, and I could tell that it was really good for them.