There are many different places that offer child care in Fayetteville NC. Child care is offered in places such as churches, private facilities, and facilities that are a part of a large national chain. Since many children are at these day care facilities for many hours during the day, many of these child care facilities offer meals and snacks to ensure the children have full tummies and are able to concentrate better. Some schools are also proud to offer instruction in languages other than English. Many of these facilities also offer to change diapers for the younger children and are there to support the parents during the potty training stage of their child’s life. Some of these child care facilities also support programs that allow for low income families to have access to child care as well. If a person is interested in possibly enrolling his/her child in a school, many of these schools will take the parent/caregiver on a tour with or without the child before the child is enrolled to ensure that school will best meet the needs of that particular child.

Child care in Fayetteville NC is offered to a wide variety of children, ranging from infants to older elementary age children. Many of these facilities offer different learning programs that provide a wide variety of learning experiences for the children in their care. These experiences include early literacy experiences, sensory experiences, and gross and fine motor experiences. Elementary age children are provided before and after school child care and many of these child care facilities also offer rides to and from the various elementary schools where their students attend during the school year.