You want the best for your children, and that means giving them the best education they can get. We all know that there are many problems with public schooling, and that the one sized fits all education they provide does not work for everyone. Maria Montessori was a professional educator that developed a system of education that was based on years of studying how children learn. Today, her method, which is praised by educators everywhere, is known as the Montessori method and is used is schools worldwide.

Montessori in Calgary offers a great alternative form of education. Under the Montessori system, students are encouraged to learn at their own pace and to learn about subjects that interest them. Montessori in Calgary recognizes the fact that different children have different interests and abilities as well as different learning styles and works to cater to this.

Class sizes are small, so that teachers can give their students as much individual attention as needed. This also means that teachers are able to direct their students towards a variety of activities, so as to expose them to as much of the many different aspects of the world and to expand their knowledge base as much as possible.