Hello! My name is Joshua Pendleton and welcome to my blog: Simply Divine Chaos. I am a long-time elementary school educator and education enthusiast. I have spent the past decade educating the minds of our impressionable youth, and let me tell you it can be a challenge. Kids love to run around, get dirty, and basically trample on all our adult efforts at organization and rule. While I think childhood is wonderful and beautiful, this element of adolescent development can make teaching a tricky undertaking. That is why I created this blog. I needed an outlet where I could discuss my teaching experiences and experiment with new education ideas. I have had many classrooms, and each set of students comes with its own unique dynamic. I have come to learn that chaos is inevitable. But it is how we deal with that chaos that determines our effectiveness as teachers.
My advice, information, and teaching tips may not work for every teacher, student, or classroom. However, I have seen through much trial and error the positive (and negative) effects of various teaching methods. This blog is where I attempt to share those revelations in the hopes that I may educate and aid other elementary teachers in learning to harness and embrace the chaos in their own classes. It is my hope that these articles and posts will encourage aspiring, new, and veteran teachers to think outside the box and inspire them to continually learn and improve their teaching. I have enlisted the help of other writers to contribute to this blog on topics covering the wide range of education and development. I believe that there is something for everyone here, so please, stay awhile. I’m glad you stopped by