Keeping students engaged, especially at the elementary school level, can be a nightmare. Children tend to have short attention spans and a lot of energy. As a teacher, it is your job to engage them in their learning. Teaching at your class will do little to interest them, or even promote real learning over time. Instead focus on the individual and work to engage each of your students in creative and diverse ways. Here are just a few tips you can apply to your classroom.

Be Flexible
Every student is unique and learns differently. Don’t assume that one or two teaching methods will be able to adequately accommodate all your children. If they aren’t interested or feel connected, they won’t be engaged in the learning process. As a teacher, you must learn to be flexible. Work with your children collectively and individually to cater to their specific learning needs. Don’t be afraid to change things up throughout the day or week. This will not only help learners of all types feel engaged, but it will prevent boredom from monotony.

Learn Together
Students can tell when the teacher is bored. Similarly when a teacher is passionate and interested in what they are teaching, this attitude is contagious. Make an effort to learn with your students; don’t just teach atthem. Both you and your kids will be more engaged in the lessons, creating lifelong learners of everyone.

Having a routine isn’t necessarily bad. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with your lesson plans and teaching techniques. This will keep you fresh as a teacher and encourage your classroom to stay engaged and interested. Seek advice from your students too. Find out what things interest them and involve them in the teaching process.

Encourage Accountable Teamwork
Group work is a great way to encourage teamwork and active learning. When students are put in small teams, they are forced to both work together on a problem and pay attention to the lesson. This is a helpful way to break out of the lecture mode in a lesson while helping your students learn valuable life skills.